Analysis of Tweet by Rachel21

I felt that the article, Man Told To Remove His NRA Instructor Hat While Voting, tweeted by Rachel21 was not a very balanced story. Yes, the author of the article talked to those on both sides of the issue - the man told to remove NRA hat and the election official of the county who asked him to do so - but he/she did not present both sides fairly.

To start, the author conducted a far more rigorous examination of the election official's position without doing any fact checking him/herself. The author never states whether state courts did in fact forbid voters from wearing NRA merchandise. He/she only mentions that the election official couldn't name any case, making her seem incompetent. Perhaps she is incompetent, but the author should have done the work to verify it. There was no similar cross-examination of the man who was told to remove his hat; no questioning of his political affiliations, the accuracy of his claims, or any comparable issue that may bring into question his own competency.

The second issue I had is that the article comes from a biased source. While posted on Yahoo News, the article's original source is The Daily Caller, a conservative publication. With this in mind, it is easy to see that the author intended to frame the situation negatively, as conservatives tend to be more pro-gun and more pro-NRA.

In summation, the author tries to present the article as balanced by speaking to those on both sides of the issue. However, the rigor at which each side was examined was clearly unfair, especially when factoring in the bias of the publication.

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