iCloud is the Best place to Store Personalized Information, Unless you're Famous due to Recent Nude Photo Leaks

The development of iCloud had the intention of creating a safe place where you can store all your personalized information, important documents, photos, and more. It might be one of the best inventions to date, their is no need for external hard drives or multiple back up sources. It is a secure invisible space to store information that you never want anyone to see or loose. What you choose to store in your iCloud varies for every person. You can have iCloud back up automatically weekly if you set it up that way. iPhones now-a-days are like small computers where everyone can do everything in seconds. You can have personalized information on your iCloud like photos from a special event, or notes you wrote regarding important financial information, even your address book containing all your contacts personal information. iCloud clearly sounds like a positive and secure space where you can store things for life without worrying of loosing anything. iCloud comes with way too many benefits to resists including some of these. It will always be their regardless of your computer crashing or any experience of hard drive malfunction or water damage. 

However, recently surfaced information has proven that iCloud is not as safe and secure as it sounds. Multiple nude celebrity photos and videos have been leaked on the Internet. Their is still no suspect, but their is one thing that they are sure about and that is that all these photos were taken with iPhones and probably accidently backed up/stored on their iCloud accounts. Even though Apple has denied this, it definitely makes sense. Someone or some people hacked onto celebrity iCloud accounts and stole then shared these photos with the world. This clearly shows some of the negative and damaging side effects of having an iCloud account, especially if you are famous. This affects these people immensely, being fully exposed worldwide. Hackers are unavoidable and you will never know who or how much personalized information of yours has been read or stolen. For all we know the Government could know everything about us. If you stored anything career threatening on your iCloud it can come back and bite you years later, you never know. It might not actually be as safe as it sounds.

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