Personal information has helped Yelp become one of the Biggest commercial site

When ever you go somewhere that is very interesting and great like a small restaurant chain, Yelp gives you the option to write a good review about your experience. Since the founding of Yelp in 2004 business have lived and died of the reviews of their customers.What yelp users don't know is that the move you go on the site and look up a certain business the more the site collects your information of what you like and the more advertisement they will post on your site of send you a email about. The Yelp mobile app gets 7 million visitors daily but most of the site visitors are from desktop users which makes it easy for the site to target the specific adds they want.

In the other hand yelp doesn't just use their customers personal information to target their customers. Yelp also gives the owners of businesses to go and add a  great review about their business and its the best form of advertising. Yelp has been noticing a 30-40% drop in their costumers add response and this has cost many business to pull away from the site since it primarily targets are small businesses.  On the flip side to this personalized advertisement is that Customers do not like the unnecessary ads that are being thrown at them by using their personal information.

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