When divulging personal information, one must be weary and take precautions to prevent potential risks and implications.

As technology advances and life is constantly being facilitated with the innovations, humans are always looking for all of their data and applications to become tailored to their personal and business lives. For this to happen, we must divulge our personal information including things like age, gender, occupation, and personal preferences.  Sometimes, we do not even have to share the information ourselves but instead certain computer programs will track and save our information for us, or rather for other companies.

One relatively obvious positive outcome of personalized information is that everything can be facilitated, sped up, and tailored to our own personal preferences.  For example, ads online will show the sites you recently visited or services and goods you have been researching.  However, it is also possible that sharing our own information can hurt not only ourselves but others such as our friends, families, and communities, as well.  Forbes discusses how easily our information can be found and shared with others or even used against us.  They explicitly discuss how being "loose-lipped" can be a catalyst for hackers, identity theives, skip tracers, and others.

One student tweeted about a relatively new application, called PackPoint, for the iPhone and Android devices that helps to create personalized packing lists for any and every trip one can imagine.  The app leads you through a process to make certain all the necessities get packed in the bag and join you for the trip.  The process begins with a few questions about yourself and the trip i.e. "your gender, your destination, when you're traveling and what sort of activities you're likely to be taking part in."  It goes on to generate a personalized list of shoes, toiletries, clothing, technology, accessories, and more.  This is a great example of how personalization can be a positive technological advance.

The most important thing to remember is to be careful and weary of where you are sharing your information and how reliable and secure those services are.  Cyber(Smart:) has outlined what personal information can be defined as, potential implication of divulging personal details, and ways to prevent or reduce potential issues and risks.

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