Factors like exposure to obesity, culture, body image, social ties, and stress increase college students' propensity of becoming obese

Through my research I discovered that a college student’s propensity of becoming obese can vary according to how often they are exposed to obesity, the culture of the student, and the image the student has on their body (i.e. what they consider to be obese). A study done on 42 college students showed that social ties changed the college students’ Body Mass Index by more than 50 percent.

Another important discovery through my research was that stress affects the behavior patterns of college students, which in turn increases their likelihood of gaining unwanted weight. By behavior patterns the researchers meant increase in alcohol and food consumption, decrease in physical activity, among other similar behaviors. Obesity remains a prevalent issue in the United States that is beginning to show its impacts in the workplace. A recent article on Yahoo discusses how obesity costs companies in the United States around $8.65 billion annually!

In conclusion obesity is a health issue that affects a wide range of people and is influenced by many factors, and ultimately we should try to prevent or decrease obesity among college students so they will not suffer and pay the negative consequences of obesity later in life.

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