Media Coverage of Ebola in the U.S. Promotes Alarm, Exhibits Political Bias

After conducting a content analysis of 75 articles from the conservative Washington Times and 75 articles from the liberal Los Angeles Times, it was found that the media in the United States promotes alarm rather  in their coverage of ebola across party lines.

When comparing the conservative and liberal newspapers' coverage to each other, it was revealed that, although both media sources were alarmist, the conservative newspaper promoted alarm on a significantly greater scale than the liberal newspaper did. This could be as a result of political loyalties in which the conservative newspaper used their coverage to perhaps critique the liberal Obama presidency's response to ebola in the U.S.

 The alarmist attitude throughout the media, however, is unwarranted, as the U.S. contains only .000264% of ebola cases in the world, and only .000185% of the deaths caused by ebola. Compared to certain countries in West Africa, such as Nigeria, this alarmist attitude is unnecessary and should be replaced by a calm and informative one that will promote progress against deadly diseases like ebola.

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