The Effects of Hyper Networking on Millennials Diffuses Negative Outlook on Social Media

Hyper networking is defined as spending more than 3 hours of per school day on social networking sites. Young adults, also known as the Facebook Generation or "digital natives" are the first to identify so closely to communicative technology.Young adults are growing up in a digital age and use social media as their primary tool of communication between friends and family. Social networking websites use may increase adolescents’ self-esteem and well being if the tone of the feedback provided by viewers of their profiles is positive, but decrease self-esteem when the feedback is negative. Introverts are actually benefiting from social media and its helping them communicate with others when they couldn't in the classroom. In order to create healthy online relationships the key is to showcase authenticity in order to build trust. Social media, however, should not be a tool used to replace face-to-face interactions.

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