The rate of US students studying abroad is growing but at a much slower rate than that of the rate of students studying abroad in other countries.

The rate of US students studying abroad has increased by 2 percent in the past year. Although this may seem like a small number, the number of students studying abroad from America has tripled in the past century. However, when comparing the rate of US students studying abroad to that of the rate of UK students studying abroad America is surely falling behind. China alone sends more students to study abroad in America than the number of students America sends out as a whole. Less than ten percent of undergraduate students study abroad during their undergraduate years, compared to that of 42 percent of international students who study abroad. America has stayed being the top destination for studying abroad for other students for many years now because of their top ranking education system, job opportunities, and the popular and envied culture that America holds. However, Americans fail to look at other countries to experience their cultures which could be so beneficial to their future careers. One place that has stayed the top destination for American students to study abroad has been the United Kingdom. This may be because of the comfort that the students may feel due to the similarities in culture between America and the UK. The biggest deterrent of studying abroad is the language barriers, which is a huge reason why the UK most likely stays at the top. If students just understand and overcome the misconceptions of studying abroad, they may be able to find more interest and confidence in studying abroad. Through the interviews, we've come to understand that there are many cultural differences with places America seemed to be so similar to, UK. If school systems encourage studying abroad to their students and reveal that cultural differences and language barriers are easy tasks to overcome, American students may potentially give a chance to studying abroad which would not only change their future, but the future of America.

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