Cell phone usage of the modern world is much different than imagined thirty years ago

Cell phones of the present day give us the world at our fingertips, but this was not always the case. When Motorolla's Martin Cooper made the very first mobile phone call in 1973, I'm sure he never imagined the current path of evolution for the cell phone. The very first cell phones were created for the sole purpose of calling and talking, when calling from a landline was inconvenient. 
            Now, cell phones are used to satisfy basically any need and solve any problem. Need to find your way to class? There's an app for that. Listening to a song, and just can't seem to remember its name? There's an app for that too! In the current day, cell phones are used less for making calls and more for running other applications, such as a GPS, a camera, a calculator, the Internet, an alarm clock, a music player, an entertainment system and much much more.
            Phones nowadays are basically an extra appendage on our bodies. They’re taken everywhere and used for everything. You can thank convergence for that! Cell phones are the poster child for convergence, as now the traditional phone is being combined with various other technologies, all for use on one device. 
            Back in the early 21st century, if you got lost in the middle of nowhere, all you could do with your cell phone is call a friend and complain. Now, you can use GPS on that cell phone to find your way anywhere. This and more is made easy by the use of the app store, on each and every smart phone. From this one interface, through just one tap on your screen, you can download any app, to accomplish just about anything, anywhere.


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