Cell phones and their evolution have transformed the term "communication" far beyond what many of us would have expected.

      Cell phones have come a long way in production between now and 1980s. The first cell phone was considered a car phone since it was too big to carry around. As cell phone companies started experimenting with their products and realized they could fit many features into their product is when Apple took their product to another level and changed the way we would ever use our phones again. When Apple added the Marketplace to the iPhone, it gave users the opportunity to use their phone for more tasks rather than just calling or messaging. The Marketplace gave consumers the chance to use their smartphone for multiple reasons when it came to messaging, calling, web surfing, pictures, video recording and even gaming. The biggest feature that most consumers were pleased by is their ability to remove the keyboard and only have it on the device in times of use, making the
phone more dynamic and appealing.
       To this day, the App Store Marketplace has transformed our meaning of communication providing users with 1.2 million apps to choose from, according to Techcrunch. Todays generation have become addicted to the feeling of communication or sharing their thoughts and feelings via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and many more. From the thought of how amazed we were by 3-way calling to now having 40 people in a single group chat, and Face-Timing when you are thousands of miles away from one another. The convergence of technology and the internet is strong and is only getting stronger. In the next 20 years the impact of this convergence will be amazing to see as this industry is only growing.

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