Cell Phones are Becoming Appendage-like Necessities to Society
When cellphones first came out, they were intended for one purpose only: to call people on the go. Hence the authentic name, mobile phone. Today, cellphones are being used for many different things that original creators of the device never thought of. With the addition of Internet services, a whole new world of phone use came into play. At the onset, there was very minimal (not to mention slow) access to the Internet, but it was something. You could get a hold of ringtones or games such as Tetris and Snake. But fast-forward to today -  the internet encompasses just about everything on the cellphone. Now you can use apps and the internet to not only get songs and games but to watch movies, check social media, do work, and stay organized. The cellphone has made it possible to get rid of things such as alarm clocks, calendars and address books because it holds it all for you. 

What’s most interesting is that the main purpose the cellphone was intended for is far from being the primary use of the phone today. With texting and connecting via social media, the cell phone has changed how society communicates and functions, and as explains, it has become the center of interpersonal communication. The big change in cell phones, and the dependence on them, is due to this technological convergence. Different modes of communications and technology have come together, and have changed the way that people operate. People can watch television shows on the cellphone instead of on tv; send emails on the phone instead of a computer. The cell phone is now and all-encompassing technology, that humans will not soon live without.

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