Cell Phones are Replacing One's Wallet Through Apple Pay

When cell phones were invented, one would never imagine that it would be able to replace ones wallet. Well now we see that this has become a reality. With the new Apple Pay, one can make purchases in retail stores and within apps with only their iPhone. Apple Pay is also working on in-store loyalty programs and store credit cards, meaning that all you would need to make purchases and gain in-store points would be your phone. No need to carry every store loyalty card with you, gift cards, or even airplane tickets and game tickets in your wallet. It will all be stored on your phone.

Source: EMarketer
Convergence makes making payments through ones phone possible by the rise of various technological, cultural, and economic convergences. Technological convergence has brought along various types of technologies into one, which can be seen though Apple Pay. Attitudes and values about technology have increased the demand of wanting everything to be digital and customizable. Media use changes have also occurred, where everything is available on ones phone, such as a camera, picture storage, video chatting, internet, files, music, and so on.

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