Cell phones have capabilities (Camera, apps, etc.) that even Martin Cooper, the orginial inventor of the cell phone, could not even believe it

              The Cell phone was an invention that originally was created to solely provide communication between individuals on the go. In the 1970's when it was invented, AT&T, one of the biggest super telecommunication companies, was focusing on a car cellular phone rather than mobile cell phones. However, Martin Cooper and Motorola, were inventing the cell phone to counter and expand phone capabilities away from the car. Looking at this, I can see two ways that cell phones were meant to be created and used for.

         Nowadays, there are a multitude of ways to use your cell phone that were never imagined of. Individuals can use their phones like mini computers. A person could surf the internet, take a picture, check their calendar, and make a phone call; all simultaneously. Options like multi-tasking, accessibility, and notification alerts which aid people in using their phone are prevalent in a majority of modern phones. In addition, an individual can have synchronous communication with someone in real time through video calling (FaceTime). In a CNN interview with Martin Cooper, the inventor was asked the following, "How do you feel about the advancements cell phones have made, especially with features like apps and cameras, etc.?" Cooper's response was interesting. He told CNN, that he could, "never imagine that all of these things could be combined into one". It is surprising how quickly that phones progressed. It seems that not only the advancements but the perception of a phone's purpose has changed. Nowadays, people want phones just to be able to be in the loop through social media and being able to instant message their friends/family.

  Technology has an interesting effect on society. The example of the evolution of the cell phone suggests how our expectations and perceptions towards technology not only change but become integral parts of our lives. Hopefully, people have a balance between technology and their own lives and not see things like the new capabilities of the newest cell phone as a necessity.

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