Cell Phones Today Have Changed The Way We Perceive Social Settings

When cell phones first surfaced in 1973 they were glorified. They were only meant for one thing, and that was for making wireless phone while not at home and able to access a home phone. Today the way we use cell phones has completely changed. You're considered strange if you don't have a cell phone and considered rude if you don't respond to a text immediately. Cell phones have completely engulfed the way we interact with people today, especially people around our age.

For example cell phones have completely changed the way people our age (18-24) have started relationships with a significant other. Instead of walking down the street and complementing girls like the old days, the Tinder app is now the fastest way to "hookup" or meet others within a close radius to you. No more asking girls out in person. Essentially it is like going into a bar, erasing all of the guys and hand picking girls you are interested in. Everything concerning dating nowadays is linked through technology. The app can't release the number of people who have met on Tinder, but they can take credit for 2,000 engagements and weddings via Rolling Stone.

Cell phones have also made it so that people start to over think and become self conscious when other don't return their texts or call immediately. This is because now everyone has quick access to their phone's, so apps like Tinder have become the easy solution to rid the stress of asking someone out or at least letting them know you're interested.

Convergence makes the use of Tinder possible and popular because cell phones have turned into the main source and  the social norm for meeting and dating people. This article explains that even though the app may be shallow, it is acceptable under the guidelines of the apps rules. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone which has allowed for such trends to exist and grow.

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