Cellphones are no longer a simple means of communication but can also be used to transfer money between users with apps like Venmo

Cellphones were invented in the mid 1900s for the sole purpose of mobile communication; that being said, people originally used their phones simply to make calls.  With the development of technology, however, the ways people use their phones have greatly diversified.  The Pew Research Center conducted a study showing that the percent of cell phone users who engaged in activities besides texting and calling have steadily increased from 2009-2013.  Importantly, those who used apps increased from 22% to 50% within just a span of 4 years.  This has given rise to app developers such as the ones who invented Venmo.  

Venmo is unique and an excellent example of technological convergence in that it has blended online banking with social media.  Since its invention, this app has experienced a drastic increase in popularity and transaction volume.  To elaborate, Venmo is an app that can connect to a user's Facebook account in order to import a friend list as well as draw from phone contacts.  The app connects to your credit or debit card and is fairly easy to set up.  Users can then transfer money to their friends regardless of what credit card company they use.  In this way, people can use their cellphones as their wallet without the hassle of taking out cash or paying fees to transfer to someone outside of their company.  In addition, users can also choose whether to make their transactions private or public.  If they opt for public, their transactions and comments are posted on to a newsfeed of other transactions made by their friends.  Thus, the app has an added social feature where friends can keep up with each other's activity. 

From simply being able to make and receive calls to being able to transfer money through a click of a button, cell phone uses have come a long way thanks to convergence.  Venmo has combined social media, phone contacts, banking, and internet in order to create a final user-friendly product.  With the growing popularity of apps such as Venmo, the need for 

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