Congress funds $4 million dollars to save German high school immersion program

Media production plays an integral role in today's society. Online petitions, tweets, and Facebook all helped save an important program that United States has with Germany-- Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX). This organization sends 50 exceptionally qualified high school students to Germany each year for the purpose of representing the United States as student ambassadors. CBYX was solely saved through media production produced by the public. Word of mouth, emails, and online petitions is what helped save this excellent program.
This just goes to show how quintessential it is for the
public to participate in media and voice their opinion.

The power of social media is limitless. People who share the same values and beliefs, or the same course, are now communicating together online for a purpose. Individuals who cannot gather due to geographical limitations, or hectic schedules, are now establishing strong communities online. Thus, fueling change and efficiency. In the example above, CBYX alumni gathered together to establish a global community in order to save the program they were once a part of. However, media production can be negatively used when not regulated. 

Sometimes finding factual information is difficult. Is the CBYX program really in turmoil? Or is the organization just trying to get money? People produce media for the sake of producing media. Another example is celebrity rumors which can drive public opinion and alter a person's persona. Is Tom Brady really getting divorced? Is Beyonce really pregnant? As people tweet, they oftentimes provide misleading information and the public oftentimes receive the wrong message, sometimes leading to stereotypes or prejudices. 

Overall, media production is only possible when the audience and public come together to participate in a unique cause. Whether it is good or bad for society is up to the public. 

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