Convergence of the cellphone with various stand alone devices (ex. GPS, MP3, camera) is causing phone sales to rise and the sales of other devices to drop

Original purpose of the cellphone was simply to make calls. The original cellphone was big, hefty, and defined as portable before the definition of portable changed from "can be carried with both hands" to "fits in your back pocket." Today, due to nanotechnology and the occurrence of technological convergence between phones and various stand alone devices, the cell phone has turned in to the smartphone and is being used in ways that it's creators couldn't even have imagined. The cellphone can now function as a GPS, an MP3, a camera, a way to bank and access the internet, as a flashlight, a WiFi hotspot, and a plethora of other things. This list continues to grow as convergence continues and sales for devices originally made specially for one purpose are starting to decrease as people forgo them in favor of a all-in-one compact device. 

One example of such an endangered device is the iPod. Once upon a time the iPod was ubiquitous. It was the "it" thing that everyone had to have so that they could listen to and store their music in style. But now, iPods have practically become extinct along with other similar devices like the Walkman. This is because of the convergence of the music storage and playing capability of MP3s and smartphones is leading to the public forgoing devices like iPods. Smartphones now posses the same multi-gigabyte storage space and high quality audio and video capacity that people praised the iPod for so the public finds it highly convenient to simply move their music collection to their phone and carry around only one device. I predict that following this trend, as audio quality gets better on phones, the next device to be converged with the cellphone just might be the loud speaker...

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