Dating apps, like Tinder and Grindr, are altering the way millions of people date

What happened to the good old days when someone pursuing a lover had to knock on his or her front door and personally ask them out on a date? The days when meaningful conversation went uninterrupted by smartphones and tablets? Those days are long gone thanks to new dating apps that are altering the way millions of people date.
Source: Huffington Post

New dating apps, like Tinder and Grindr, allow people to go on blind dates with others who have similar interests as them and who are conveniently in their area. All you have to do to get a date is sync your Facebook profile, set a few photos and a description, and start swiping.

When the cellphone was first invented, no one would have ever imagined that finding your soul mate (or an easy hookup) could be at the tip of your finger. By simply swiping right for "yes", and left for "no", you can be paired up with someone who is interested in you.

Source: Washington Post
These apps have had stiff competition with other online dating sites such as eHarmony and According to an article posted in the Washington Post, both Tinder and are dominant forces in America's $2.2 billion online-dating industry. Since Tinder's release in 2012, more than 3% of all active American cell-phone users have the Tinder app on their phone. These numbers are competitive with Match's, which has more than 2 million daters in North America alone.

Technological convergence makes dating via apps possible by merging technological mediums, like the cellphone, GPS, and the Internet, together. This app would not work without your phone being able to synch your Facebook friends and your location. This convergence bridges the gap between physical and digital dating by enabling people to find partners via mobile Internet.

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