Different types of people prefer different graphs

Whether or not a person likes how a graph is set up is normally based on their own individual preferences. People with science backgrounds prefer more numbers and more information whereas the latter would just like to see the information clearly.

These two graphs represent different data but there are clear differences in how the graphs show their data. The main difference between these two graphs is that the second one is hard to understand and I think that a scatter plot isn't the best graph to describe the data. But someone who appreciates knowing the extra data may like this aspect.

The first graph (above) on the other hand is a lot easier to understand and the reader will spend less time trying to decipher what the meaning of the graph is and what the data represents because it is outlined so clearly. I think that the first graph wins this round because the creator chose to separate the main populations and color code them making it easier to make the connections between the two data sets.

Also, the second graph (above) not only has the circle graph to illustrate the amount,it also has the percentage written in the middle of the circle which just aids in the quickness of understanding. However, someone that has a more scientific background is probably going to want to know more information in regards to the graph and data. 

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