FaceTime Has Been Taken for Granted, Although Once Considered Unfathomable

When cell phones were first developed in 1973, it was laughable to think that one day people would be able to both hear and see each other through their mobile phones.  In the modern day, where using FaceTime to chat with a friend or family member halfway across the world is commonplace and mundane, it seems absurd that this kind of technology would not exist.

So much of what formerly seemed far-fetched and unimaginable is now taken for granted by most cell phone users.  As technology advances, society expects more and more from developers, and so developers then fulfill this demand for bigger and better cell phones, televisions, tablets, computers, etc.

FaceTime is an example of technological convergence at work.  Apple Inc. combined the audio features of a phone call to the video features of a TV show or movie.  This is a convergence of different types of technologies in order to form one new type of media.

Things that seem impossibly complex and irrational today will probably be developed somewhere in the near future, just as the technology we have today seemed unfathomable not so long ago.  Technology will inevitably continue to become more advanced and converge to form newer devices and features that will better fit the trends of what society is asking for in their technology.

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