Getting The Perfect Body Now Starts With Your Smartphone


While the cell phone was invented in 1973, they weren't being mass produced at a price that the population could afford until around 1984. At the time this was revolutionary: a phone that you could take with you anywhere you went. Fast forward to 2015, where taking your health to the next level probably involves your phone and calling someone is the last thing anyone wants to do.
Getting "fit" used to require a hefty financial commitment either with a gym, a personal trainer, or fitness classes; now, all you need is a smartphone. As you can see from the graph, the amount of people using their phones for diet and exercising has drastically increased throughout the past couple of years. Forbes provides a list of the Top 11 Health & Fitness Apps which includes apps like Hot5 Fitness which offers high quality step-by-step workout videos without any wi-fi needed. There's also Carrot Fit, which gives you the extra kick to get at it, with a character that acts as a drill sergeant, dishing out harsh criticisms and all. But there are also apps such as Lose It which is basically the equivalent of a personal trainer and nutritionist in your pocket. I frequently use an app called Healthy Out which gives you nutrition labels and healthy options at (almost) every restaurant.

A few years ago, if you wanted to forego the hassle of getting a personal trainer your immediate reaction was to go on the internet and search new diets or exercises. However, technological convergence has resulted in a marriage between computers and cell phones and thus all you need to turn your life around is a smartphone, and your favorite health app.

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