GPS makes traveling easy without need for paper maps

    When cell phones were first invented, the capacities that it can reach today weren’t even a thought. The ends that cell phones today can go would blow the peoples minds that had the first ever cell phone. The first cell phone could only place calls, so it was basically a land line that was portable, except it weighed around the same amount as a bag of sugar.
The people using these phones would have never imagined a phone being able to tell you directions, or know where you are at all times. These people couldn’t even send text messages. 

     GPS systems today seem normal to us, but before they existed, people had to use paper maps because their cell phones didn’t have those sorts of capabilities. My parents talked to me about how when they would go on road trips, whoever was sitting in the passenger seat had to have the paper map out in order to know which exits to get off at so that they wouldn’t get lost. I think that now a days we take for granted how easy traveling is for us. All we have to do is plug in the address of our destination, and our cellular device will give us step by step directions that will take us there. Convergence makes this possible it has combined old ways of navigation and enhanced it by incorporating new technology from the modern day.

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