Hands-free voice control in IOS 9 now allows users to utilize the features of the IPhone 6s with more specificity.

One invention that has made an impact on today's smartphones is the hands-free voice control feature widely known as "Siri".  According to The New York Time's article "IPhone 6s's Hand's-Free Siri Is an Omen of the Future", Farhad Manjoo discusses how the modifications in the latest IPhone allow users to activate Siri by simply saying "Hey, Siri!" within a predetermined distance from the device.  This capability gives users greater variability in the ways they use their smartphone with more specificity and less errors than in previous models.

Apple, Windows, and other technicians have been updating and modifying voice control for the past several years since the rise in demand for "smarter" smartphones.  This capability has revolutionized the way smartphones are used today and will be used in generations to come by merging vocal instructions by the user with artificial intelligence in the phone.  This technological convergence demonstrates how users today are communicating with their IPhone in ways that are similar to communicating with another person.  The IPhone contains decision-making skills that give it the ability to meet user expectations in more specific ways.  Consequently, the latest and greatest devices in response to consumer demand are ultimately designed to emulate the intelligence of a human.

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