The technological and cultural convergence of mobile phones that can only call to smart phones that can be a computer

In today's standards of cell phone, it's incredible of what phones can do than simply call someone. The innovation of technology and technological convergence, phones has more capabilities that a person would been ever imagined when the cell phone was first invented. Originally when the first cell phone was invented, its main function was to be a portable phone. Despite it being revolutionary for its time, that is the only thing it can do. Martin Cooper, who invented the earlier models of the mobile phone, described it as "ugly, bulky, and unrealistic" and that it's too expensive for the general public to buy as it deterred consumers.

However, due to technology innovation there are more options a "smart phone" can do. Thanks to technology and economic convergence, telecommunication companies consolidated with internet companies to change the way we use smart phones today. Wifi allows phones to have internet access to allow individuals to view news related content, photos, and other contents. For an example, a smart phone can take pictures and instantly display it to a social media. With current cellular technology, individuals do not need to have multiple equipment to take and wait for the picture to set as it is compact to a singular device. This is unheard of for phones back in the past as traditional cameras were the device to use for taking pictures. The idea of having cameras on phone, originated in South Korea, where Samsung created a phone that takes pictures. The popularity in Korea and due to cultural convergence brought cellular device to America as Americans enjoy taking pictures as well.

People taking pictures, using the internet, and sending emails today is impressive. Thanks to the cultural, economic, and technological convergence that brought new ideas together and unveil the phone we have today.

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