It’s really amazing to see how cell phones have evolved over forty years.  When they were first invented they were large and awkward and heavy.  We have seen cell phones go from simply making calls, to texting, to taking pictures, to playing games, to being able to browse the internet and check mail, to being a GPS, and much, much more. The amount of apps that you can download at the simple click of a button seems endless. Any time you need something to assist you there it is on your phone. 
        Out of all the amazing features and applications on cell phones, my favorite has to be Google Maps.  Being that I’m a New Jersey resident, living in Maryland over the past year and a half has been tough trying to find my way around.  The great thing about this “free” app is that you can actually get directions or look up addresses in real time.  
        It is so frustrating when you are driving to hit any traffic, but Google Maps can help you avoid that.  Although there are many cell phone companies, they all serve the same purpose. Each cell phone may have different features and abilities, but they are all used to make life easier for the customer. We didn’t always have cell phones. However as our nation progressed and moved towards this technological era, convergence has kept us unified and kept a single thought in mind, “ For the good of the people.”

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