Merced College professor, Brandon Leonard, Improves the Lives of Math Students everywhere through his Free YouTube Lecture Tutorials

Professor Leonard
More and more members of the general public are becoming active in media production. This is not a new fact, nor is it hard for audiences to partake in media production, given improvements in technology and the rise of websites and other platforms that allow people to share their content. One might question the benefits of the public's engagement in media production, and from a student's point of view, there are numerous.

The public's involvement in media production allows for an average person to share educational content that could be beneficial to a large number of people.

Professor Brandon Leonard, from the Mathematics department at Merced College, is one of the thousands of "YouTubers", who create and publish tutorials for educational purposes. Leonard records his lectures at the college and posts the videos to provide free math tutorials on courses such as Intermediate Algebra, Calculus and Statistics, to name a few. With 34,226 subscribers and 2,612,956 views, it is clear that Professor Leonard's tutorials make Mathematics, the usual bane of many students' existence, more tolerable through his thorough and well-organized tutorials.
Because the videos are online, students can access them at their convenience and are no longer restricted to learning from one professor, or forced to use textbooks that are non-interactive and often difficult to read.

Of course, the freedom of the public to publish content introduces the problem of quality control. It is virtually impossible to police all content posted on the web. This often makes it difficult for users to sift through the vast amount of content (much of which is of poor quality) to find reputable, factual and reliable sources. However, through good filtering mechanisms and skills in finding good resources, students can overcome this issue with relative ease.

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