Mobile devices help raise awareness about thousands of killings in Africa

The technological convergence of social media and mobile devices provides access to news much quicker today. Previously, T.V's and radio were the primary devices used to access world news, as mobile phones was just used to verbally communicate. But now with the emergence of mobile applications, the mobile device is currently this era's T.V. and radio, as many use their phones as their primary device for accessing world information, something never previously envisioned. 

An example is shown in the case of the Kony 2012 video campaign, where the technological convergence of social media and mobile devices, more specifically mobile applications, shared information about horrible killings in Africa at such a rate that Kony 2012 began to trend worldwide. With one simple touch, click, and or re tweet from ones mobile device, the technological convergence of social media and mobile phones allowed the Kony 2012 campaign's message about the killings in Africa to spread to the masses. But what was most impressive was the speed at which this campaign's video was spread across all online networks. 

And this is exactly how and why the mobile device has become one of the primary electronic go to devices for accessing news and information. The blending of both technologies; social media, an outlet that can provide news and information at an incredible rate, and mobile devices, a device that unlike the T.V. or radio, allows us to access and learn about news for the most part irrespective of our current location, has kept us engaged with the world more than ever before. Because mobile devices allows us to access news free of our location through user friendly mobile apps, it's beaten out the T.V. and radio in regards to obtaining news, something I believe few thought would ever happen when it was first invented.

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