Mobile video streaming is fundamentally changing the way people watch television

         We call them cell phones, but today's mobile devices do so much more than make calls. Cell phones were originally intended solely for telephone purposes. Now, a person can manage nearly every aspect of their life with their cell phone.

      One of the burgeoning markets over the past couple years is mobile video streaming. People have been using their cell phones for years to watch videos on sites like Youtube, but recently, there has been a surge in watching television on mobile devices.

 reported via The Total Audience Report that online video streaming viewership increased by 60% in November/December 2014 - a giant leap for such a short time period. This increase can be largely attributed to the rising number of video streaming apps becoming available to the public.

         According to, HBO Now is the top video streaming app by revenue for 2015. Live sports apps like At Bat, NFL Mobile, and NBA 2014-2015 were also in the Top 10 apps for revenue.

        Mobile video streaming is a prime example of technological convergence. Cell phones are capable of providing numerous functions, and watching live television on mobile phones is quickly becoming integrated into society. This would not be possible without television networks combining Internet access, the cell phone, and access to episodes of TV shows, sporting events, and news in one convenient app.

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