Cell phones unexpectedly changed the world with internet and social interaction.

One of the greatest inventions this great world has seen was the invention of the cell phone. Created in the '70's, cell phones became a huge hit. Cell phones started out slow, but soon became a common item for everyone to own.The cell phone was invented for people to communicate on the go without a landline. It made communication a lot easier. When the cell phone came out, the people who were using these cell phones didn't realize how much the world would change. 

Cell phones were created for the thought of making it easier for people on the move to talk with another person who's wasn't with them. The basic cell phone was just a regular flip phone or basic "brick" phone that everyone had. But, around 2007 a world changing phone came out. This phone changed the way people go through their daily lives. This phone changed the way people act and think on an everyday basis. This cell phone was called the iPhone. This cell phone was definitely not the vision of what Martin Cooper, who was the inventor of the first cell phone, had in mind. Martin sure had never thought that his invention would have came this far. iPhones changed the way cell phone companies were making and selling their products. In today's day, cell phone run our lives. Just think about it. How do you wake up every morning? What's the first thing you check when you wake up? When you are bored in class, what do is the first thing you go and check? These are all questions people should ask themselves and about 95% of people will say their iPhones

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