Public Influence on news broadcasting causes unprecedented media bias.
       Due to the rapid increase of technologically capable items being rapidly produced for the hands of millions, we find ourselves in a society where there is more transparency when it comes to government.. At the same time we live in a society where this less privacy and people can find a lot about others faster.Many Americans are using the technological surge to be very creative. We sew news broadcasting take on a shift in how news is published to fit viewer preference. The problem we see with this is the creation of  biased news media like Fox News and msnbc.

   The problem we see with more public influence in media production is the political preferences that exists throughout the public. When these preferences are expressed, media production is forced to cater to certain people in order to be popular. News is a big example of this because these days we see newspaper and television stations report news with a twist  to appease the opinions of the viewers. The downside to this is that now people can be so one sided and have their egos fed on a daily basis. This makes compromise that much harder. We see record breaking statistics in the Obama administration of filibusters and vetoes and I believe this  is a result of the publics influence on the media and as a result people are beginning to hear what they want to hear instead of just facts. Harry Reid  call this new wave of filibusters and vetoes unprecedented obstruction.


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