Stop Calling Them Cell Phones, They're Pocket Computers.

 Let's wind the clock back over 40 years to when the first cellular phone was created. It's April 3, 1973, and Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, has just dialed the number of a rival telecommunication company to inform them that he is calling them on the first ever mobile phone. This phone weighed 2 1/2 pounds and for 30 minutes of talk time he had to charge it for 10 hours. This phone had the long list of features that included 10 easy to press number buttons, making phone calls, making phone calls, and making a few more phone calls. And that's it!

Now let's bring you back to present-day, where if you want to know when the first cell phone was invented you use your cell phone. Need directions on how to get to the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism? Use your cell phone. Did I mention that your cell phone has a touchscreen user interface? Or that your cell phone is also a camera, music player, cook book, and source of all the information on the Internet? 40 years ago Martin Cooper would have likely asked, "What's the Internet?"

Apple's iPhone breakthrough in 2008 created a brand new realm of convergence amongst millions of users all around the world. With the addition of an Application Store where users can create their own software programs and register with Apple for others to download and use, now users can use each other's creations and ideas in a day-to-day basis to make millions of tasks like reading the newspaper, doing math equations, drawing, or marking your calendar that much easier.

Here's a complete history of mobile phones from the Adam & Eve ages of cell phones (1973), to our present day Roman Empire of cellular devices.
Martin Cooper with the first
cell phone ever created.

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