Switchmate allows you to control your light switches from your phone without rewiring anything

With the continuing advancements of technology, cell phones have become an important part of our daily lives. Cell phones have evolved from solely being a device to call people, to a device that can dictate the way we live. Cell phones today can be used to do things like scheduling important appointments, creating group chats for school, filming movies, surfing the web and even controlling the lights in our homes. says Switchmate, a start-up company in Palo Alto, California, has created a device that magnetically snaps into place right over a light switch. Once it’s ready, you are able to control your lights from your phone in a way that doesn’t interfere with how you use your phone on a daily basis. The Switchmate device requires no rewiring and runs on batteries. The company has stated that the device’s battery should last about 8-12 months and is completely rechargeable.
Cell phones have not only increased in uses, but also decreased in their size. Compared to the bulky cell phones of the 90s, modern phones are much smaller and can easily fit in pockets. Modern cell phones have also replaced uses of other devices like pagers and mp3 players.

The convergence of technology has made it possible for phones to replace the need to carry things like a laptop or camera around. Media convergence has also made it possible for people to get news on their phones. People can now use apps to get news, listen to radio broadcasts and watch television. Technology today has made it easier for people to do things on their phones that would once require a large number of other devices. Things like Switchmate are changing the ways we live our lives.

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