Technological convergence causes iOS9 to officially kick out cell phones

Think about the moment life was made easier just by being able to contact someone 200 miles away. The invention of cell phones created an entirely new world for technology. The initial purpose of a cell phone was to communicate with those in a further location. Today, cell phones are being innovated just so users can save milliseconds of time on their device. The original task of a cell phone, such as calling a friend, is now close to subordinate to its users due to technological convergence. 

Not only has Apple released a entirely new phone, but they created a new system, iOS9, for already existing iPhone users. This article  shares the new updates that made iPhone use simpler. The phone is not completely different. iOS9 offers an easier search method. There have been subtle changes to make information even more accessible and to be searched for even faster, for example, providing frequently used contacts. A nice addition of the update is “low power mode.” Battery life is a significant element and iOS9 gives user the opportunity to gain some extra time. For those looking to upgrade, but not purchase a new device, iOS9 is the answer. 

Convergence is what makes iPhones so prominent. Multiple technologies are combined into one device. From a writing documents, making movies and taking photos to navigating, researching, and communicating, iPhones cover it all. iOS9 allows users to exercise such technologies at an even faster and effortless pace. The evolution of cell phones has turned into the decline of cell phones and the rise of technological convergence. What was once a cell phone is now a mini laptop. Time to say goodbye to cellular devices. 

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