Thanks to technological convergence, we can now use our phones to share our location with friends.

When the first telephone was constructed in 1878, no one could have predicted the invention of a mobile phone much less a smartphone that among other things, allows you to not only use the GPS feature provided but also allows you to "drop a pin" in order to conveniently send your location to others.
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Technological convergence can be defined as the rise of digital media and online communication networks (as shown in the class powerpoint). Digital media help change the way we use technologies by letting us access more things more easily and through any device we want. With just a simple click, you can pinpoint your location and send it to others therefore making it easier for them to arrive to your location.

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Technological convergence has allowed smartphone users and in this specific case, iPhone owners to not only use their phone to make calls, send texts, record video and take pictures, but by automatically having the Apple Maps app incorporated into their phone, it allows users to get from place to place easily and without having to get a physical map or use another website--it's right there at their fingertips and one less thing to worry about. I personally am a huge fan of Apple Maps and their "drop a pin" feature because it has saved me a lot of time when meeting with friends or when there's confusion about a certain destination.

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