The Evolution of Cell Phones Has Been Rapid and Advanced Because of Convergence

         The first cell phone to come out was only meant for one use: talking. It allowed only 30 minutes of talking and only 30 contacts could be saved on the device. Although the quality was not great, the first cell phones were being sold for $3995 and were meant for consumers who were rich businessmen who could afford such a device. Today, cell phones offer applications that were never imagined when they were first invented. In addition to talking and texting, cell phones give access to the Internet, countless games, and numerous applications of all different kinds of uses. These smart phones can be used as high definition cameras, a mode of purchasing products, and even a device to watch movies. Ironically, now that these cell phones can do virtually anything, and with amazing quality, the cell phone today is affordable to almost everyone. Cells phones used to be rare luxury but today, they seem to have become a common necessity by everyone in society. The evolution of cell phones has been rapid and advanced because of convergence. 
         Digital media today is accessible through cell phones and people take full advantage of this convenience. In this day of age, people are always on the move, in a rush, and seek the fastest, most convenient way to get things done. Rather than reading the news in the paper or reading books physically bought from the store, people are able to access these forms of media through their phone. People much rather read the media they want with a few quick clicks on their phone instead of driving or walking to the store and waiting in line to get the media that they want. Being able to pay through your cell phone at any given time and being able to store your media on a small, easily portable device, is a convenience that can’t be matched.

         All across the world, people have smart phones. Although the most popular smart phones, iPhones and Galaxy Phones, were made in America, they are beloved and used around the world. Through their smart phones, people around the globe are all connected through social media only accessed by smart phones such as Instagram or Snapchat (American-made applications). This is an example of cultural convergence, which is a factor to why smart phones have been prospering.

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