The key to making a good graph is keeping it simple, yet concise.

Graph 1
Graphs and charts can be very effective in trying to convey data into a method that can easily be understood. Both of these line graphs here, display similar information pertaining to the average number of people that have tuned in for the Super Bowl since 1990. Graph 1 from Statista is basic and shows the amount of viewers that tuned in for the Super Bowl year by year.

 Graph 2, also from Statista, is basically the same measurement of viewers but is more focused on the viewership record that was set for Super Bowl XLIX. Other little things like the football shaped end points and the Super Bowl XLIX logo are nice, but they do not make it a better graph.

Graph 1 is better because it is is simpler but also more concise and gives readers the ability to pinpoint the exact number of viewers that each Super Bowl had. The second graph is a little harder to read and also gives readers too many things to look at.

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