The merging of health and new technology
You wake up. Eat breakfast. Go to the gym. Go to a doctor’s appointment and then to lunch. At work you write down your total calorie consumption and how many you burned during the day so far. To review your health records you would have to contact your doctor. To review your exercise progress you would have to keep a separate journal. You would also have to write in your nutritional information. Today, health care and medical records can be easily accessed online due to the application of new technology in everyday devices.
The iPhone is a prime example of how technological convergence has made these uses possible. One way the iPhone has impacted our lives is through the implementation of the Health app. This program can literally change lifestyles. It constantly records steps, walking and running distances, and flights climbed to give you accurate data on how much you have been moving that day, week, month, and year. The program also allows you to enter and store nutritional intake, fitness activities, and sleep patterns. A related tool is the medical ID tab that lets you save your medical information in one place, which can be useful in an emergency. Merging medical and health care information with smartphone technology allows iPhone users to set and track health goals to better their lives.

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