The MP3 player was a technological advancement in itself, until it became a part of the cell phone movement.

I can remember it like yesterday. The early 2000s when the MP3 player craze hit the households of many American families. A quickly growing company that would revolutionize a whole generation, reveled a new MP3 playing device called the IPod. Everyone and everybody wanted to be able to have some kind of handheld multimedia playing device. The IPod just happened to be the top of the line MP3 player at this time. Rhapsody, Napster, and different companies had made it easy and accessible for individuals to download their music to have on the go. This realization that CD players and tape players were a thing of the past, would eventually change technology forever.
The cellphone and the MP3 player both seemed to be steadily growing and technologically advancing at an even pace during this time. The cellphone seemed to be able to do just about anything and everything imaginable at the time, until the question arose about MP3s and the cellphone. Cellphones would eventually be able to hold just as much music as any MP3 player in due time. The accessibility of having your cellphone do multiple task was very appealing to a broad scope of people. This technological convergence would weed out the necessity of having to buy individual MP3 players. MP3 player production drastically decreased, and more and more cellphones became compatible with MP3s. The cellphone engulfed everything that became of the MP3 player, before it even had a chance to reach its peak. No one could have possibly imagined the capability the cell phone would have today, or that it would eventually hold access to unlimited music.    

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