The Public and Media Production

Media production—one of the largest and fastest growing aspects of our time.  There is an endless spectrum of which media is spread out, including general websites, blog sites, and of course, social media.  In the beginning of computer and internet development, there was a secluded group of people who were in control of media due to their personal expertise.  However, with the rapid growth of technology and media, just about anyone who has a computer, tablet, TV, or mobile device can access and control their own media.  For example, a common website known today is “Wikipedia.”  For the most part, Wikipedia is a fairly reliable source.  However, anyone has the access to write/edit any articles on the site.  This article expands upon why Wikipedia allows the public to access article editing.
        It's always nice for people to be active in modernizing our media and technology, but a downside to this is false information.  Where there are many people who enjoy sharing their accurate information publicly, there are also an abundance of people who find pleasure in publicizing false information.  An example of this would be cat fishing, in which someone uses social media to pretend that they are someone they are not.  There is a television show based upon this type of occurrence called Cat Fish.  The hosts of the show are in charge of finding the people who run false profiles.  Overall, media is an amazing commodity, and gives society endless opportunities to broaden their knowledge.  However, giving anyone the freedom of using media can result negatively.

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