The quality of your data graphics can enhance or detract from your efforts to communicate

Using graphics in conjunction with text is a good strategy for communicating. Selecting graphics that are receptive to the user is critical.

The following pie chart represents a good graphic for the following reasons. It is relevant to the written content of the article, Water Pollution . The chart represents the percentages of the pollutants entering the oceans, so using a pie chart, as opposed to other graphs, was appropriate. The chart is titled so the reader knows exactly what the chart represents, and the numerical percentages are displayed on each division which is also clearly labeled, and color coded to emphasize the separations. Overall the chart is simple and easy to read.

This line graph is not as good as the the pie chart above. The bars are not labeled with numbers so the reader will have to estimate the height of each bar. The chart represents a trend over time, so a line graph would have been more appropriate to depict Trends in Coral Bleaching. Also, the addition of the severity factor is not easily understood and makes the chart look clustered.

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