The Sensors in Android Phones are Now Used to Measure Battery Temperature, Light, and Pressure to Make Accurate Weather Reports

With today's smartphones you can almost do anything you could ever imagine right in the palm of your hand. Smartphones have so many gadgets to them including cameras, media players, games, internet, apps, and plenty more. Cell phones today are far more advanced then cell phones a decade ago. People used to mainly just use cell phones to make phone calls. The cell phones of our time are mainly used for entertainment, social media, games, and text messaging/e-mailing. Now a days we are so dependent on our smartphones with regards to finding information out.

 People who own androids now do not need to watch the news or listen to hear the forecast, you can now do that in the palm of your hand. The sensors that are placed in android phones can now make an accurate weather report for you. These sensors are able to detect the battery temperature, light, and pressure to make weather reports. These sensors are capable of providing raw data that is highly precise and accurate. The sensors provide accurate weather reports because they have different environmental parameters such as ambient air temperature and air pressure, humidity, and illumination. You can read more about the sensors here.
These sensors that are now on the android are an example of technological convergence. The android has two technologies on it including the sensors to detect weather and the phone itself. The sensors help converge live and accurate weather reports onto the android which is beneficial for its users who know longer have to look up or watch the news for weather reports.

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