Unexpected evolution of the cell phone into the smartphone.

The growing interest and obsession society has for technology is the main drive behind the majority of the technological advances occurring today. The cell phone, which was invented in 1973, was once used primarily to make and receive phone calls.

Smartphone versus Cellphone Usage 
These minimal actions were, at one point in history, a major leap into a world of technology that had never been explored before. In today's society, the actions of making and receiving phone calls are the most underrated and underused features of a present day cell phone.

In today's society, the majority of individuals are connected to the internet in multiple ways on a constant basis. It is very uncommon for people today to not have their Facebook, Twitter or other form of social media attached to their smart phones. While social media is a major function of the smart phone, people are constantly connected to the internet in other ways as well. For example, the iPhone as well as any other smartphone allows you to connect your email so you have access to your messages twenty-four-seven.

Being constantly connected to the internet was one of the most unexpected functions of the cell phone. Due to the numerous social media apps, email accounts and text messaging services, the once primary functions of the cell phone, making and receiving phone calls are somewhat extinct.

Convergence is drastically seen in this phenomenon. Because of the combination of media outlets, companies can provide the consumer with one technological tool that allows them to remain constantly updated and in touch with their online worlds.

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