Unimaginable in the past, cell phones today provides several services like banking, shopping, video recording, etc.

The first cell phone that ever existed surely was a revolutionary invention for its era. In a time when if you wanted to make phone calls you would usually have to dial from a residential phone, which was a relatively large device with a couple of wires plugged on the wall, the idea of a device that you could take anywhere you go and being able to call other people was extraordinary. However, due to the overly rapid development of technology and the appearance of smartphones, making phone calls seems to be the least significant task you could perform with your smartphone.

With the advancement of internet resources providing connectivity basically anywhere you go, what was at first designed to only perform phone calls nowadays can perform numerous tasks. From simple features like having a clock, alarm, timer, calendar and calculator, to more complex services like GPS, video recording, live video-conference, Internet browser, banking, shopping, etc, smartphones are an indispensable tool for the technological and globalized world that we are currently living in.

A concept that is equally responsible for making all of this activities easier and possible is the convergence, which is the coming together of computing, telecommunication and media in a digital environment. Convergence can happen in three venues: technological, economic and cultural. In the case of the smartphones, I would argue that it involves the three types of convergence. Examples of technological convergence are that big companies like Apple and Google are always finding ways of develop their products and making alliances with other top companies to provide a better service each time to their costumers. In economic convergence, a good example would be the traditional media companies, specially news' companies, that are forced to adapt and make their material accessible via internet in order to keep up with its high demand. As for cultural convergence, smartphones deliver a great array of contents through different types of apps and social media. These contents are generally music, videos, movies, TV shows, etc, that are available online and, therefore, it is accessible from almost all around the globe.

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