We have the world in our pockets in today's society.

   We see cell phones do different things  almost month with different updates constantly being produced. One feature about cellphones that amaze me the most are their ability to share and record videos and send them out so fast. Cell phones are now so versatile now that without them we as human beings are somewhat out of touch with society. It is interesting to see how much people would lose without their cell phones. We are in a age where we don't remember phone numbers, don't need to remember where places are. In all reality, our cell phones remind us of things so we don't even have to remember as much.
    Cell phones today definitely have changed the aspects of people's social lives. We are allowed to see first hand accounts of the lives of people at the blink of an eye. Cell phones definitely allow us to see into the eyes and minds of others much easier through social networking sites like Twitter and snapchat. When the cell phone was invented , everyone viewed it as a way to talk to people outside of the home. These days we walk around with computers in our pockets, capable of sending email, sharing music and keeping humans closer than ever before. I definitely notice the impact it has on my life as I can't go anywhere without it. I find it easier to plan my daily routine. I also find it much easier to stay in touch in touch with my family even through social networking sites . I definitely believe that cell phones makes long distance relationships between people easier as communication is enhanced to a level no one probably would've thought of. The fact that I can send a video to my mother about where I am simply makes communication easier .

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