The advancement of phones have come with great innovations, but has caused people to constantly be connected.

When cell phones were first created, they were simply used to call. There were no other capabilities that were installed into the devices. As technology and time progressed, cell phones have become increasingly more complex. When I was in elementary school, my sister received her first basic cell phone, which amazingly had a camera. Four years later, I received my first basic cell phone (which was a huge upgrade comparatively) that had a touch screen with a sliding keyboard. Now it’s uncommon to see anybody with a basic cell phone.  Even young children today have smart phones with data plans and minutes.

There has to be a reason everyone feels the need to own a cell phone, including your 8-year-old cousin. Instead, of being a phone, smart phones have turned into a pocket-sized computer. Besides communication, it can be used to check the weather, give you directions to your destination, play games, remind you of an appointment, and calculate the tip on a bill. Of all the things a cell phone can do, I don't think they were intended for access 100% of the time. With the advancement of the cell phone has come the advancement of social media. Now with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Linked In, and more, cell phone users are constantly connected. 

       Convergence makes cell phones as sophisticated as they are by bringing together different cultures, types of technologies and more. Smart phones can be catered to the individual by changing the language, streaming live from international networks, and using different apps to communicate worldwide. Also, now nobody needs to buy a physical copy of The Washington Post, or a separate GPS because all these services are offered on smart cell phones. The advancement of cell phones has increased beyond belief and will continue to progress. 

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