A new app simplifies the student admissions process for colleges, by combining all applicant data into one place

Managing the enrolment process is becoming more complex for educational institutions due to the  growing popularity of completing online applications and the simultaneous continuation of paper applications. Workday, Inc., known for their finance and human resource management software, are releasing Workday Student Admissions, a new app to make the process easier. The app helps to easily define application requirements for different programs of study. It will automatically rate applications based on standardised test scores and prerequisite coursework gathered from data on their other student app, Workday Student Recruiting. The app will also assess applicant's readiness and interest from their interviews and interactions with the school and use this to create application pools. Then by using their Human Capital Management software, it will assign admission counsellors to these groups to track the students. The app helps to improve communication between schools and students as they can contact their specific counsellor and can always view the status of outstanding items on their application. By gathering all application data into one place, it improves the application experience for students while also allowing institutions to notice trends in applications to help them to meet their enrolment goals.

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