"AcadPlan" App Helps Students Organize Their Course Schedule and Calculates Their Graduation Date

The University of Maryland, College Park, releases a new app to help students manage their course schedule and adhere to a 4-year plan.

The "AcadPlan" app will help students to organize the courses required for their major, for each semester, over a 4-year (or more) timeline. Students can select his/her major and the app will display the courses required to complete the degree. The app's interface displays a calendar of semesters onto which students can drag and drop the displayed courses. If a student places a course that has a prerequisite, on the calendar, that prerequisite will appear on the semester before that main course. The app also lets you see the effects, that moving a course to an earlier or later semester, will have on your graduation date, and re-calculates that date after each adjustment of the schedule.

Students can also keep track of their credits and completed courses, and view the availability of certain courses by semester.

The app is free for all University of Maryland students with a valid ID, and is compatible with Android, Apple and Windows devices.

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