All Textbooks at a British University Are Now Offered for Free in Digital Form, Sparing Students an Average of £450 & Increasing Overall Educational Experience

            An institution in the UK, Middlesex University, now offers the textbooks for every one of it's courses in digital form and for free.

            Middlesex University is working with digital textbook platform provider, Kortext, as well as John Smith's, a university bookseller, to offer free and widely accessible textbooks to it's students. Since the launch of the project's pilot one year ago, "surveys found that 97% of students rated the program as making a 'positive contribution' to the cost of study and 95% rated the project 'positive' in terms of providing relevant course materials," according to

            As a result, eliminating all textbook costs have proven to save students an average of £450 ($681), lessening the financial burden of student debt experienced by many students today. Students also benefit from features such as group sharing and digital note taking. These features help decrease time spent writing and falling behind in lecture, and increase overall comprehension.
            Additionally, the easy accessibility and consolidation of information onto one platform allows students to move around campus more freely and timely, with less weight on their backs to slow them down. It also reduces the likelihood of forgetting important documents and eases studying on the go.

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