An eighth grader's popularity depends on the number of likes on his or her posts.

CNN observed and analyzed over 200 eighth grade students across the country and their use of social media in the documentary, #Being13: Inside the Secret World of TeensAfter reviewing the eighth grader's social networking feeds for six months, child development analysts found that the addictive behavior stems from the need to feel connected.
Also, checking social media reaffirms their status of popularity.

Besides the addition of anxiety, social media creates negative habits. Because of social media, the eighth graders in the study displayed higher use of explicit language, were exposed to sexual terms and images and drugs. 

The anxiety that these eighth graders are feeling could have been prevented by exposing them later on, when they are more mature and secure in who they are. Of course, adults are susceptible to the negative side effects of social media, but they are not in as critical a time of development. 

I don't think there can be any controls on social media because every person is different. Specific interpretations and insecurities will be affected differently according to each person. But, if social media use is regulated, it is a great way to stay connected and updated on friend's and acquaintance’s lives. 

Hadad, C. (2015, October 13). #Being13: Teens and social media - Retrieved October 15, 2015. 

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