Are You Aware of the Multiple Ways Hackers Can Get Your Info on Public Wi-Fi Networks?

An attacker stealing information.
David Maimon and Jonathan Katz of the Maryland Cybersecurity Center published an article on discussing just how dangerous public Wi-Fi truly is. Their findings are more alarming than you probably suspected. Everyone knows that using public Wi-Fi makes you more susceptible to being hacked and having your passwords and data stolen, but what you probably did not realize was that there are actually three different ways that hackers can get your information, and one way is not even illegal!

In a man-in-the-middle attack, “attackers are putting together their own network and standing between your computer and the computer you’re trying to access and all the information is routed through their device,” explained Maimon. A malware attack is even more dangerous! This is because it potentially gives your attacker access to everything on your computer or device, not just your Internet searches and passwords. Once malware is on your device, all your information is in the hands of your attacker. Wi-Fi sniffing involves monitoring network traffic and is unfortunately not even illegal!

All-in-all, your safest best to protect yourself from these three types of attackers is to avoid going on bank accounts, or any site with your personal sensitive info. And remember, your phone apps automatically refresh and run in the background and may even automatically connect to unsafe networks so be cautious with your phone settings as well.

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